Investment Manager

Duxton Capital’s investment capabilities

  • Proven investment strategy.
  • Depth and rigour of our bottom-up fundamental research.
  • On-the-ground research team presence in Asia-Pacific

Duxton Capital’s listed equity strategy and investment process was created in 2009 by our CIO within Deutsche Asset Management, and has been successfully deployed for more than 10 years. The Duxton Capital Equities team employs a proven investment process with demonstrable alpha generation, focused on a high conviction, long term, and fundamental led approach to investing in equities.

Duxton Capital carries out rigorous and extensive research and due diligence on the stocks it invests in. This includes, but is not limited to, company site visits, management interviews, upstream and downstream channel checks, competitor analysis, and the development of comprehensive financial and valuation models. We only invest in stocks which we have built sufficiently high conviction through our rigorous and extensive research and due diligence process.

Based out of Singapore and Australia, being on the ground through frequent trips to Vietnam enables the Duxton Capital research team to carry out more rigorous due diligence on a consistent basis based on more frequent channel checks, on-site company visits, and meetings with company management.