The Vietnam Phoenix Fund

provides investors with exposure to Vietnam’s exceptional growth story

via a high conviction portfolio of listed equity investments.

We believe that
Vietnam equities currently present a compelling investment opportunity, primarily underpinned by the multi-year growth outlook of the Vietnamese economy and growing corporate earnings.

The Vietnam Phoenix Fund has a proven track record.

  • We have outperformed the Vietnam Index on an annualised basis over the last 7 years.
  • In 2021, we were awarded a Top Performer award in the "Asia Pacific - Best Smaller Fund -Emerging Markets" category at the Investor's Choice Awards hosted by Allocator.
  • We are able to collectively deploy 25 years of successful fundamental investment experience in equity markets across Asia, with nearly 20 years of experience investing in Vietnam directly.
What sets us apart
We are high-conviction investors focused on investing in companies over the long-term. We strive to deliver sustainable performance results to our investors over the long-term, driven by the deployment of a proven disciplined and rigorous fundamental investment approach.